The Thames Path: A Journey of Discovery


The Thames Path: A Journey of Discovery

(Recommended for ages 14~17)

Rites of Passage call youth to the adventure of their lives, creating a form of selfunderstanding that is felt in the heart rather than learned in the head. It has been said that Rites of Passage are crucibles of change where youth give birth to themselves, and where the future of culture gets forged. As a leading thought, it is our strongest conviction that this fundamental experience, missing within twentieth-century mainstream education, gives credence to Margaret Mead’s belief that because modern society has lost this connection, we suffer increased forms of social pathology. The times speak for themselves! Native Roots Excursions are experiential, place-based educational immersion opportunities based upon the premise that youth require mythical adventures; ones that stand as a foundational loadstar experience by which youth forge a personal navigation system to serve throughout their unique life journey.

Native Roots~Thames Path

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