What exactly are hydrosols and why does our skin love them so?


Hydrosols are the product of the steam distillation of plants. Although they are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, they have been used for thousands of years for hygiene, fragrance, therapeutics and in cooking.   Our hydrosols are artisanally crafted in small batches using a handmade copper still from Portugal. We start with ethically wild-crafted or organically cultivated plants and New Hampshire spring water. The resulting extract has the therapeutic benefits of the plants used, the purity of raw water and the antimicrobial effects of the copper.

Although these plants waters are gentle in nature, we have found them to be highly effective for all types of skin care and a variety of issues. Hydrosols are lovely used on their own throughout the day to cleanse, tone, hydrate, and balance. The most effective way we have found is to use hydrosols in combination with cleansers, serums, lotions, and in place of water for facial masks. As hydrosols enhance the benefits of any products they are used in combination with, your skin will love it! Blending hydrosols and oils or lotions is easy. Simply apply serum or lotion in the palm of your hand, squirt the hydrosol into your product and blend with your finger and apply to your skin where needed.

Hydrosols can be used on the skin directly and do not require dilution as essentials oil do. Because they are non-toxic, hydrosols may be useful as a treatment for skin conditions in pets, children, the elderly and people with sensitive skin.

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